Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lovely (STICKER) Flowers for Lovely Creations! ;-D

I´m Tatiana Tortelly and I´m VERY HAPPY with today´s post: it is all about Celebrating and Flowers!   =D

 Not only because of the Season SPRING - I´m on the South Hemisphere so here is Fall now -
 but because of THE SPRING INSIDE US!
I´m talking about the amazing Creativity and Talent we have, each one of us and everyone. 
I said EVERYONE. Because we ARE creative ALL THE TIME but we don´t see it.   ;-)

 Spread the seed of LOVE! 
See you on next post.   =)


  1. This was the first project that caught my eyes. I love the cuteness on each individual flower.

    Great work Tati! Thanks for sharing your creations.


  2. Just keep your attention on your mail box next week... ;-D

    Thanks, Cat!