Monday, May 7, 2012


Hi everyone!  

Now feeling so much better, I am very very happy to write this post!
Yes, I have a special reason. I mean two... or three!  =D

Today I received an unexpected visit of one of my BFFs, Patricia! I LOVE HER, we are SOUL-SISTERS.
And I´m no kidding when I say that, we can read each other minds. Really!!! It´s something AMAZING...

Well, I was waking up when she called me asking if she could come here to my home (imagine that!). She WAS HERE ALL THE TIME when we were younger!  =) So she came and we had lunch and as my brother was here too, she could be with the hole family (I just wish my dad was still here with us, but he´s now in a better place, we know that). So, here is one of my BFFs EVER!!! I´m on the left and she´s on the right:

She is beautiful, on the inside and on the outside, and also a great MOM! She´s a real "warrior", to raise her 3 AMAZING kids on her own! They are so LOVELY and ADORABLE, and she´s one of the biggest BLESSINGS in my life! It seems like she could feel I needed to see her and spend some quality time with her... Yes, our FRIENDSHIP is a GIFT FROM GOD. Here she´s at the terrace, in my home, just chatting a little, before we leave to my Studio-Shop (AMORECOS).

So we decided to walk along the Icaraí Beach, only 2 blocks from my home. And suddenly we see this BEAUTIFUL ANGEL sculpture, made with sand and water only, to confirm that our meeting was blessed since the beginning...

Well, on my Studio-Shop, I started to work on a Mother´s Day project, using the new AMORECOS product, totally handmade: Deco-Tapes!  Yaaaayyy!!! I wanted to made those by myself for a long time and now I think I got addicted to them LOL!! Here´s just a sneak peak of the first 2 I made, but these are not the one I´m using on my Mother´s Day project  (wich I can´t show yet because it´s for a Challenge):

At the time of leaving the Shop my other BFF (ever!!!), and also my Cousin, Carla called me asking if I wanted to go to drink some coffee with her. And, BELIEVE ME, it´s a VERY RARE THING to happen!!!
Here we are (now she´s the one on the left and this photo is from last year because on I didn´t have my camera when I was with Carla):

So, I´m thinking about them (and MY mom of course) to get inspiration for this project I´m making. Both Patricia and Carla are AMAZING MOMS!!! Their kids are the best!  =D

I wanted to share with you guys these 2 VERY SPECIAL moments that happened today because they came like a sign to remember me what real FRIENDSHIP is about...   =)

Thanks for stopping by and see you next post!

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